Sunday, May 6, 2007

Week of May 6 Humane Happenings

Chowder found his forever home!

Last week was very productive at Desert Haven Animal Refuge, thanks to a great group of animal loving folks who enjoy working together as a team – in fact, the “Old Timers” agree that it is one of Desert Haven’s finest. The Dynamic Duo - Ron Gjurovich and Ted Kuzdrovski - are now known to be able to move mountains if needed, and they are kept very busy. Letha has taken-up the task of thoroughly cleaning the main building every Tuesday. Her son Tim is picking-up responsibilities that more often than not, teenagers his age shy away from. Kathy Stoud, Desert Haven’s Animal Care provider, is not only handling grounds beautification as her pet project, but she can sure cook some good food for the buffet lunch. Deb Peters, Desert Haven’s Repair Parts Specialist, is using her National Guard training as Tool Shop Mgr to keep the bunkhouse ( DH’s tool shed ) in tip-top shape. Gene Trelewicz, who is currently building the Kitty Walk, continues to restore donated tools and to keep them in good working condition.

Linda Estavillo, DH Facilities Manager, is working closely with Eliana Aubin, the organization’s president and Desert Haven’s CEO. Freddie Loveless, DH’s Operations Manager and The Sierra County Humane Society’s secretary, keeps order in the office.

Local volunteers Robbyn Brodsky and Marian Parks tend to the newly planted bushes donated by The Sierra Soil and Conservation District and also by Ardell. Middle school student Sam Ahsley, Desert Haven’s youngest dog walker, helps keep his canines buddies in good shape.

Ginny Nylen, who volunteers in the office every Tuesday until she leaves the area in May, has been DH’s “Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire” and it will be a huge loss when she moves on.

Karen West and her two black labs, DH’s newest campground residents, is already showing strong Team spirit and the same interest in helping animals down-on-their luck as the rest of the crew.

With Sassy, Chowder and Hammy adopted within the past few weeks, Mosey, Suzy-Q, Winston and Shaggy were taken in at Dog Town. Until they get adopted out to their forever home, they can now enjoy life at its finest, the canine way, that is.

We continue to collect Bullocks receipts and aluminum cans, also dry and canned pet food. Contact us at 505-894-1694 or 505-894-2778 or visit us at

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