Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week of 9/28/10 Humane Happenings

By Eliana Aubin

This past Tuesday was full of activities at Desert Haven, as several work campers just arrived at the campground adjacent to the small sanctuary and they were being given the opportunity to comfortably settle into their new surroundings. The small DHAR campground now has several new residents: Dennis & Mattie Gano and Linda Livingstone, all originally from Texas. They have been RV’ing all over the US for several years now – a wonderful way to visit the entire United States, one work camping experience at a time.
While the crew is not yet complete, it is at least no longer a skeleton crew and everyone appreciates it. Meeting the new folks was a real pleasure Tuesday, as it was obvious that they all were genuine animal loving individuals who sincerely want to make a difference. Everyone on the crew immediately connected with them and is now looking forward to working together with them this winter.

Tuesday morning, Freddie gave the grand tour to Rich and Jane Johnson of Colorado. The couple is spending a few days at the sanctuary, checking out the area and also helping the crew in anticipation of a possible work camping experience at DHAR in the winter of 2012. They brought with them warm blankets and toys for the residents of Dog Town and The Cool Cat Neighborhood.

Our DHAR office computer – a Dell - is over five years old now and it badly needs servicing. It operates very slowly and we fear that it is now on its last leg. Our budget does not yet allow for the purchase of a much needed “new and improved” computer, so we need to keep our current one in good state of repair, at least as much as we can. Is there someone among our readers with the knowledge to revamp the one we currently are using? This sure would be a great help. Does anyone wish to contribute towards a brand new computer that will last for years to come and also successfully handle the newer programs. All donations made to our organization, in-kind or otherwise, are tax deductible.

For more information on our volunteer, non-profit organization, contact us at 894-2778 or 740-4100. You can also visit us at and Chat with us at www.Facebook/com/deserthaven. Our mailing address is POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week of 9/18/10 Humane Happenings

Reba, DH Animal Care Provider, at Paws n Claws Thrift Shoppe with Pandora
Desert Haven Animal Refuge is getting ready for the cold nights of the year. From the residents of Dog Town to those in Birdland, Animal House and the Cool Cat Neighborhood, every feathered and furry creature will be insured a warm and cozy place to sleep this winter. Carpet remnants, comforters and warm blankets, fluffy pillows, doggie beds and all the warm bedding items that were collected throughout the summer are now being put into place inside the several habitats in anticipation of the first cold nights of the year.

Local resident Bob Dawkins is no stranger to Desert Haven. Several years ago, he and Father Peter Cacoperdo worked together at the sanctuary, to enclose the area that was to become Dog Town. Bob drilled the post holes with his power auger and Father Peter was in charge of getting the lattice fence off the ground. Thanks to both of them and a small crew of helpers, Dog Town was finally enclosed and ready for occupancy.

Bob read in a recent Humane Happenings article that Desert Haven was using old hay and straw as bedding for the bird and animal residents during the winter months. Soon afterward, Desert Haven became the lucky recipient of an entire truck load of 90 bales of hay to be used exclusively for bedding for the sanctuary residents. Thank you, Bob for your generous donation. Also a well-deserved thank-you is in order to you and all the DHAR volunteers involved in unloading it.

A few days ago, someone dumped an unwanted, not-yet weaned three to four weeks puppy in an alley between two businesses near downtown T or C. The alley is somewhat out-of-the way and it was only by accident that the little fur-girl was discovered one morning. It’s hard to imagine anyone discarding a living creature, just like any unwanted piece of trash. But again, after being involved with helping unwanted companion animals in this area for over twenty years now, this writer is no longer surprised about anything some humans can do to a companion animal. Sad but true.

The tiny pup was brought to Desert Haven. She is safe now, and when old enough, she will be available for adoption. She sure is cute! she has long white hair and two black marks around her eyes, which makes her look like a tiny panda, hence her new name “Pandora”.

Dog Town has another new resident, soon to be ready for adoption: a full-breed, absolutely gorgeous looking five to seven months old male Boxer. We call him Mac. The little guy was obviously abused in the past, but at Desert Haven, he is safe now. He and all the other animal and bird residents are now surrounded by compassionate folks who insure that the helpless creatures that come to the sanctuary will never again be abused or neglected.

We continue to need someone to volunteer a couple of hours every Tuesday to help in the Sierra County Humane Society office at Desert Haven. We have a wide range of office work available, from light office tasks to computer work. If you are interested in helping in the office every Tuesday, either morning or afternoon, contact us at 894-2778 for more information.

Visit us at and Chat with us at www.Facebook/com/deserthaven. Our mailing address is POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sign the petition to keep "Blue" free!

Save "Blue" by making him the official EB community dog!
By Janice Connor
Owner; Butte General Store and Marina

If you are ever in the Elephant Butte area, you are probably familiar with the “Unofficial” Community dog named Blue. For the last six years, Blue has greeted people initially at a local restaurant, Casa Taco. After the owner became ill and needed to close his business down for the winter, Blue made his way to the Butte General Store to continue meeting and greeting people who visited him at the store. For the past year, the community of Elephant Butte has rallied together to take care of Blue’s needs to keep him safe and healthy. Someone now is trying to have Blue’s freedom revoked and keeps harassing the City Officials of Elephant Butte to have him put in the pound. She has even gone as far as threatening to kill him if ever he is seen wondering alone. This loving, gentle dog would never hurt anyone and has been known to protect many people and other pets. By the signing the petition, you can help us keep Blue free and make him the OFFICIAL EB Community dog. If you are unable to come in to our store to sign the actual petition, please add your comment at the bottom of this post with your full name. This way, the judge will know how much community support there is for Blue. Thanks in advance!