Friday, August 2, 2013

Week of 7/29/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin
Shaggy and buddies waiting for Frank to race to the pick up point

The Mighty Mutts of Pedigree Alley who currently reside at Desert Haven Animal Refuge, have something very special to be thankful for these days: they all have made good friends with Frank and his two gorgeous and very well mannered Dobermans, Jessie and Billie-Jo. Frank and his canine family have resided at Desert Haven Animal Refuge since early this spring. Frank keeps his own fur-kids in top physical shape, and he does it in a special way that both “boys”, as he calls them with tenderness, look forward to every day. And now, they have company!

Jesse and Foxie Girl at the river

Frank recently started a routine of picking-up each morning, in his tough old jeep that has served him very well, a couple of the larger DHAR dogs. Picture this: four large dogs – all of them very excited in sheer anticipation of what fun lies ahead – riding all together in the back of a jeep that has had to be made a dog-worthy transport.

Soon after daylight each day, two lucky Desert Haven dogs are selected to load up in the transport and head for the river, where a good time will be had by all. Not so much for Frank, because he is the designated driver, but the rest of the gang is in for a river run! And that’s just the beginning! After a delightful swim, some running around together, some checking-out all the delightful scents at the river’s edge, time comes to pack it up! And here is the routine: Frank gives the signal, the “kids” gather for an all-out sprint on the primitive trail all the way to the pick-up point two miles down the road. One takes the lead. The others follow, tails wagging! The race has begun. Dashing ahead of the jeep, they leave poor Frank in the dust. At the pick-up point, everybody loads-up into the transport and heads for home.

Scruffy loves every minute of this river adventure

Back home at Desert Haven, all the canines, their heads full of the exciting memories of the morning, are now ready for breakfast. It’s waiting for them as they come in. Then it's nap-time. Thank-you, Frank! Today is a good day to be a dog at Desert Haven!