Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week of 2/14/16 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Here we are, almost two months into the New Year already. The Sierra County Humane Society wishes to remind all of you, our animal loving readers, that this year again, you too can have an impact on animals in need, no matter where you live. Certainly, you would want to give an innocent dog or cat a second chance at life if you knew you could. Indeed you can!  Some of you are physically able to give us hands-on help. Join our team and help with our projects at the sanctuary. Volunteering a couple of hours each week at Desert Haven on a Tuesday afternoon, for example, would make a huge difference in what this organization can do to help animals in need. 

If you prefer to volunteer at Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe, we can use help there too. Also, occasionally, we need someone with a truck to help pick-up large items that local individuals wish to donate, but only if we can pick them up. Are you able and willing to do that on occasion?  Contact us at 575-894-2639 or e-mail us at

It’s your on-going commitment and your generosity that make our progress possible, year after year. You believe you would prefer to help out in other ways besides working in-the-trenches with our team? Then open your heart and demonstrate your love for animals by becoming a member of our organization.   

You can also send a monetary contribution to our animal welfare organization at PO Box 638 Williamsburg, NM 87942. Your gift goes right to where it’s needed most and it has a direct impact on our life-saving programs. One in particular involves giving-out rebate certificates for spay-neuter surgeries. Another covers the entire costs of sterilizing cats that have been abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves in and around neighbors yards. 

Giving a new chance at a normal life to innocent animals, while at the same time repairing the physical and emotional damage created by some low-life humans, is what Desert Haven Animal Refuge is all about. Those of you who believe in the work that we do can help out in so many ways. All it takes is for you to choose what you believe you can do. Here at Desert Haven, we make things happen. Won’t you join us? 

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Week of 2/7/16 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Abby and Suzi-Q with trisha

Desert Haven recently rescued several dogs and cats in need of a new lease on life. Jack the small Jack Russell mix with a big personality, Foxxy the tiny terrier, Miniature Pinschers Roxie and Holly, and Libby the Toy Manchester Terrier. The little group has already adapted well to the daily life at Dog Town and they all are enjoying the Puppy Play Yard and its two-story Puppy Club House to the fullest, together with Sancho and Penelope who visit regularly, and also Sandy & Daisy, who join their fun activities every Tuesday, when their human dad – Larry – volunteers at the sanctuary. Each of the new furry residents is now vetted – quite an expensive - but necessary – undertaking.  Tom is in the process of getting photos of all of them for the Desert Haven Petfinder page. All of them, including Dog Town’s other fur-boys and girls Lucy, Scruffy, Forest, Mosey, Suzy-Q, Abby, Missy and her roommate Gentle Ben, are already posted on the Facebook pages  and also on Zoey, Toto and Crystal are Dog town’s current boarders. The spacious VIP Yard and its “Peace Pad” has been their home away from home.  

Gentle back came back to the sanctuary some weeks ago. Apparently, soon after another adult male dog – a service dog - was moved into the household, the two fur-boys didn’t make the connection needed and Gentle Ben was returned. The adoption policy at Desert Haven allows for anyone, at any time, to return a companion animal adopted from the sanctuary.

Desert Haven also rescued several felines the past several weeks, including Piper and L.C. (AKA Lucky Cat). L.C. was “dumped” on a property at the outskirts of town one afternoon, together with two other house cats obviously belonging to the same party. Not even a day after their abandonment in unknown territory, the owners of the property witnessed a coyote swiftly abducting one of the felines. The other one was taken shortly thereafter. The third feline was immediately taken to the sanctuary, saving him from the horrible fate of the other two. People who abandon their unwanted animals obviously do not care enough about what will happen to them. 

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