Thursday, July 11, 2013

Humane Happenings Week of 7/7/13

by Eliana Aubin

Lucy enjoying a walk with Lurvie
These last few days were very special for the volunteer team at Desert Haven Animal Refuge. It was also a huge milestone for Lucy, the young Australian cattle dog who has called Desert Haven her home since the fall of 2011. Lucy was still a puppy when abandoned in the desert in the spring of 2010. Against all odds, Lucy survived in the wild and even lived through the harsh winter of 2010. The Good Samaritan who along the way had become aware of her fleeting presence around his week-end property was finally able to trap her before her second winter in the wild. Lucy was transported to Desert Haven Animal Refuge inside a wire trap - a traumatized, skinny little girl-dog who no-longer trusted the human race.

A resident of Dogtown for the past two years, Lucy has been one of the no-kill sanctuary’s special-needs fur-kids. It took patience and love to help our little one slowly re-gain her trust of humans and finally become the wonderful dog she was always meant to be. Last week, Lucy took her milestone ride to the local veterinary clinic to get sterilized. We know that our friends fully appreciate Lucy’s story. We know that they, too, understand how crucial Lucy’s successful rehabilitation is to all of us who care for her and love her as our own.

 Lucy is another success story at Desert Haven. This little gal represents what the sanctuary is all about. We pick-up the pieces of shattered little lives and through care, patience and love, we put them back together to give them a new chance at the life they deserve. With the on-going support of our animal loving friends, we can “be the change in the world we want to see”.

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