Saturday, November 25, 2006

Week of 11/26/06 Humane Happenings

With several new out-of-state animal loving RV’ers hooking-up at Desert Haven Campground these past few days, Al Wilkinson, Desert Haven’s Dog Trainer, made a presentation at the 9 AM meeting. He gave a few hints on how to successfully work with the residents of Dog Town and he also answered any questions about them. Thanks, Al; you are always a pleasure to work with.

Much was accomplished by the crew this past Tuesday: painting projects undertaken, a sizeable pile of previously donated construction material sorted and properly stored, the foundation of a new shed erected. At the same time, wood pallets were securely covered with carpet remnants, giving the canines of Dog Town clean and comfortable platforms to lie on as they take advantage of the New Mexico sunny weather. The carpeted pallets are the brainchild of a fondly remembered work-camping crew who spent the winter at DH in 2003.

Desert Haven Annual Thanksgiving meal was shared by many this past Tuesday, and the turkey with-all-the-trimmings, courtesy of Jeanette Galliard, was a huge hit. Forrest & Gail Smith, Ben & Patty Meyers, Linda & David Estavillo, Jeanette Galliard, Freddie Loveless, Barbara Weddle, Bob & Sandra Weiser & daughter Pam, Mary & Jerry Kolb, Ed & Camille Pronovost, Eliana Aubin, also local visitors Barbara Dreyfus and Karen filled every seat in the dining room as well as on the new porch built by Walt Allen and crew last Spring. The conversations were lively and everyone enjoyed the meal so much that we all agreed that it was hard to get back to work afterwards. Desert Haven is grateful for a skilled and compassionate winter crew this year, and we trust that all who are spending the winter with us will continue to feel the positive vibes that all of us felt this past Tuesday.
Wish list: Moist dog and cat food - Dog treats -Helpers at Paws & Claws & Desert Haven - Office oriented individual to help handle paperwork every Tuesday this Winter - Dog Walkers and Kitty Cuddlers, to give a hand for an hour or two one or more days each week, either at 8 AM or 4 PM. With extra able-bodied folks to help care for Desert Haven’s residents, the crew can concentrate more time on needed projects that are not part of the daily routine. Contact us at 505-894-2778, or visit Desert Haven on Tuesday.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Week of 11/19/06 Humane Happenings

Welcome back to Desert Haven Animal Refuge, Ben & Patty Meyers. This friendly and hard working couple came to us this summer. While Ben was looking for a job locally, he and Patty helped the volunteer team care for the animal residents of Desert Haven. Ben and Patty's eagerness to give a hand wherever needed, together with Ben's handyman skills, quickly made them very popular at the facility. It's great to see both of them back from their emergency leave to Arizona, to visit Ben's recently hospitalized mom.

Welcome to Desert Haven, Forrest & Gail Smith and Pug Maechu! This friendly couple has just arrived at Desert Haven and is already an integral part of the team.

As we are entering the holiday season, we are receiving a deluge of fundraising appeals from everywhere. With so many animal related requests for donations, how do we decide where to give? How do we make the most difference with our donation dollars?

Let's focus on supporting local efforts and local organizations. There are many advantages to keeping our money close to home. Focusing on what we can change right in our own back yard, we are able to create real change that we can actually see.

Please keep in mind that the Sierra County Humane Society - just as any other humane society or animal welfare group throughout the entire nation, and contrary to popular belief - is neither a branch of nor is it subsidized by the Humane Society of the
US. Consequently, when you donate to the Humane Society of the US, not one penny comes back to the community through your local Humane Society. Each and every humane society and animal welfare organization throughout the nation operate on its own.

The major cause of the success of The Sierra County Humane Society is the hard work and determination of its active volunteers. Because we believe in what we do, we can work together for a common cause: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Relief of Suffering among animals, and extension of Humane Education. The support of a caring community is crucial especially at this time of the year, when fundraising appeals arrive from everywhere, and folks must choose where their donation dollars will go.
This weeks wish list: Pet food and dog treats - Helpers at Paws & Claws & Desert Haven. Someone to replace DH Administrative Assistant during her 6 months absence. For more information, contact us at 505-894-2778.