Friday, December 22, 2006

Week of 12/24/06 Humane Happenings

Welcome back to Desert Haven, Linda Estavillo! You were missed and it’s nice to have you back from your business vacation in Oregon! Linda relocated to DH from Oregon in August of this year, with husband David and son James. Her determination to make a difference at the sanctuary is very appreciated.

A huge “Thank-you” goes to a very special person whose gesture had remained anonymous - at her request - until this past Tuesday, when she distributed her Christmas cards to the DH crew. She had made a very generous donation to DH, in honor of the folks who make things happen at the facility in one way or another. Thanks to her thoughtfulness and generosity, the dogs of Desert Haven will soon enjoy the use of small cement patios inside their play-yards - a very meaningful Christmas present indeed, for the canines of Dog Town as well as for the folks who care for them.

This time of the year, we also want to thank two very giving folks: George and DiAnna Schnetzer of Los Lunas. For several years now, DiAnna has made all the price tags used at Paws & Claws thrift shop, and they were either delivered them in person or sent by mail, to keep the thrift shop crew from ever running out. George and DiAnna never visit Desert Haven empty-handed, and they always remember all the furry and feathered residents with a car-load of food for every one of them. Their most recent gesture: The dirt floors in the outdoor section of the individual kennels of The Inn at Dog Town, The Cool Cats Neighborhood’s Howdy Room and The Cat Patio will soon be professionally resurfaced with cement flooring and adequate drains. This project was a priority; however, it was financially prohibitive. Thanks a million, George and DiAnna, for making it become reality.

Four years ago at this time, Frederica Loveless of Indiana parked her RV at DH and immediately became an integral part of the volunteer crew. There are no words to express the gratitude some of us feel towards this dedicated and truly compassionate lady who has made the management of the sanctuary a lot easier to handle.

Wish list: Canned dog and cat food – bleach – brooms – cleaning detergent - For more information on the Sierra County Humane Society, Inc., or to give the volunteers a hand at DH or Paws & Claws thrift shop, contact us at 505-894-2778.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Week of 12/17/06 Humane Happenings

Happy belated Birthday, Walt Allen, Tuesday Dec 12 ! And what a nice gesture to spend it with us at Desert Haven, working on a big project!

With Al Wilkinson away on vacation during the entire Christmas holidays, Linda Estavillo spending the last 10 days with family in Oregon, Ben and Patty Meyers on an extended leave of absence, then work campers Jerry and Mary Kolb having left earlier than anticipated because of a medical emergency, Forrest and Gail Smith of Minnesota, a congenial and very helpful couple who committed to stay at DH for the Winter, have been working together with Barbara Weddle as well as with local folks Bootz, Barbara and Sean Bennett, Judy Sloan, Joanne Hoyt, Freddie Loveless and Eliana Aubin to insure that the furry and feathered residents of Desert Haven continue to receive the best of care on a daily basis.

Barbara Weddle, who heard about Desert Haven from a friend at Quartzite, and who investigated the facility this Summer, is slowly making her home at DH and everyone is very pleased with her decision. Her skills became very handy a couple of weeks ago, when an early-dawn freeze played havoc with some of DH not-so-well-insulated outside spigots and Barb came to the rescue, together with many extra hours of work repairing the damage made by Mother Nature. Thanks Barb!

Members of a local family who moved to the area only a few months ago - Barbara Bennett and her son Sean – have become another asset for DH. Barbara is now helping handle the administrative duties on Tuesdays, during Dixie Montanti’s absence for the Winter. This past Tuesday, Barbara received some hands-on administrative training from Gail, while 17 ( you're right, Sean, almost 18 ) years old Sean helped take care of the dogs and insured that Vickie received plenty of exercise. Vickie is DH’s expert canine tennis ball catcher…. Anyone needing to stay in shape, and wanting to have fun at the same time should consider getting involved at DH and give little Vickie (or any other canine resident) all the exercise she loves while they get the exercise they need.

Wish List: Canned dog and cat food – Dog treats - Large dog houses – Sturdy wheelbarrow or garden cart - Fencing and posts – Dog walkers –Helpers at Paws & Claws and DH. Contact Freddie at 505-894-2778 for more information.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Week of 12/10/06 Humane Happenings

Welcome back to Desert Haven, Joanne Hoyt! Joanne has been an active local volunteer both at Desert Haven Animal Refuge and Paws & Claws thrift shop since the day she visited the sanctuary several years ago. Joanne has just returned home from a long visit with family who live out-of-state, and everybody at Desert Haven is thrilled to see her back with us. She and Judy Sloan team-up every Tuesday morning, to help give The Cool Cat Neighborhood its Tuesday deep-cleaning. Judy is also known at Desert Haven for the super-delicious desserts that she bakes for the crew every other week.

Lois DiAndrea’s’ BBQ – one of her specialties - was a hit last Tuesday, and everyone raved about it. The good food, together with the friendly atmosphere, helped make lunchtime very pleasant at Desert Haven.

It’s great to see Walt Allen of Michigan back to this area for the Winter, as he has done since he work camped at Desert Haven three years ago. We are now waiting for the arrival of former work campers Larry and Mavis Juniper of Indiana, who, while they set-up camp in town, also plan to help with some of our Tuesdays’ projects. Work campers who have made a difference at Desert Haven over the several years of the sanctuary’s existence are remembered fondly and welcomed at each and every one of their visits as the friends that they truly are.

As we do every year at this time, our organization recently donated several boxes of toys and stuffed animals to the “Toys for Tots” program – a good feeling for our crew members!

Reminder: Please consider waiting for Paws & Claws to be open for business when you are planning to drop-off large or, especially, nice items. Unscrupulous folks have been “lifting” large items and boxes of donated items left unattended in front of the shop when it is closed. Call Eliana at 894-2639 or Freddie at 894-2778 for more information.

A few days ago, Ben and Patty Meyers - Desert Haven’s caretakers - left the sanctuary to make an emergency visit to Ben’s elderly mother who lives in Phoenix, AZ and who is very ill. During their absence, we are asking animal loving local folks and Winter visitors to give us a hand for a couple of hours or so during the week or on week-end. Their help is very much needed. If interested, please call Freddie at 894-2778.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Week of 12/3/06 Humane Happenings

The latest Sierra County Humane Society, Inc. newsletter – HUMANE NEWS – “The Year 2006 In Review” is now completed – a little late compared to the past years, but the editor has the perfect excuse: a computer not willing to cooperate. It will soon be printed and sent in the mail, hopefully before the Christmas rush. We trust that our members and supporters – over 500 strong now, local folks and those from out-of-the-area – consider renewing their membership and/or sending - soon - their yearly donation to our 501-C-3 non-profit organization. We are a small, very active animal welfare organization that depends on the support of the community as well as of animal loving folks across the country to continue its good work in helping domestic animals down-on-their-luck.

Ed and Camille Pronovost have now left Desert Haven. This very congenial RV’ing couple had heard about us while traveling across the USA and decided to stop at the DH campground for a couple of days on their way to Tucson. In the end, they had stayed two weeks, and everyone wished they would stay much longer. While Ed and Forrest donated money to purchase and time to assemble a much needed shed (that shed was quite a wonderful surprise – and so appreciated!), Camille was writing about Desert Haven on the couple’s web site.

And what a great job she did! Thanks a million, Camille. This truly special couple will be remembered fondly and everyone hopes that Ed and Camille will return this coming Spring, on their way back East from Tucson.

“The Grinch” has made its presence known once again at Paws & Claws thrift shop. If you have furniture, large or especially valuable items, please, either drop them off during business hours – Wed 1PM-4PM, Thu 10-3, Fri 10-4, or Sat 10-3, or give us a call at 894-2639 or 894-2778, before you decide to leave them in front of the shop. Paws & Claws has been operating since 1998, and this year has been the hardest hit by “The Grinch”, who operates in broad daylight.

Many thanks for your donations of pet food, Barbara Dreyfus, Jody & Terry Shields, Tom & Madelyn Liddy, and Bill & Mary-Jane Clellan. We always need canned dog and cat food, as well as dog treats, helpers at Paws & Claws & Desert Haven. Contact us at 505-894-2778, or visit Desert Haven on Tuesday.