Thursday, December 26, 2013

Week of 12/17/13 Humane Happenings

Bar-2s Contribution
by Eliana Aubin

We thank you, Bar-2 Sand and Gravel, for donating a truck load of crusher fine to Desert Haven. We will use it to repair the damages caused by the heavy rain storms and subsequent flooding this past summer. Bar-2 Sand & Gravel always comes through for us – a community-minded business indeed.

Our friends are asking us what we need at Desert Haven this winter. Here it is: bird and sunflower seeds, cracked corn and scratch to help feed our white and domesticated ring-neck doves, hens, roosters and also the peacock residents of Birdland. Timothy hay is always an especially welcome treat for our resident rabbits and guinea pigs. Now that Desert Haven is the new home to several special needs dogs, we need more canned dog food than ever. Young Gumbo the Chihuahua came to us skinny and starving, discovered by accident in a vehicle bone-yard on the outskirts of Albuquerque. Forest is a large, older hound dog with arthritis, recently rescued from the Gila Wilderness; and now we also have Charlie, a senior shaggy dog with dental issues among others. 

 Charlie spent his entire adult life alone and forgotten at the end of a chain in someone’s local back-yard. We are asking everyone who wishes to help out this winter, to donate the extra CANNED dog food that we need to help bring our several special-needs canines back to health.

We also need cleaning supplies and detergent: disposable gloves, heavy duty rubber and work gloves, long and short handle heavy duty brushes, a heavy duty pooper-scooper, Clorox, Odorban, Dawn diswashing liquid.

We need volunteer help every morning at Desert Haven. Choose the morning you would like to help! We also need help at Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe during business hours (Wed through Sat from 11 Visit us at , and Our mailing address is: POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87901. Happy Holidays to all our animal loving friend
to 4:30pm). Contact us at 575-894-2639 or at

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week of 12/10/13 Humane happenings

by Eliana Aubin 
Foxie's new family

Charlie is now the newest resident at Desert Haven Animal Refuge. He is a cute, medium sized shaggy dog who was recently rescued by a Good Samaritan from years of misery and loneliness at the end of a chain inside some uninterested individual’s yard. His rescuer could not keep him long, only because of restrictions about companion animals in her apartment complex. Charlie is now safe and finally well-cared for at the no-kill sanctuary. The gentle senior-dog is now able to enjoy whatever is left of his life in a loving environment, with no more chains forever hanging from his neck. Charlie’s new play-yard used to belong to Foxie Girl. Yes, we have even more good news to share with our readers and Desert Haven supporters: Foxie Girl – Desert Haven’s resident Boxer –recently moved to her forever home. Her new family drove all the way from Albuquerque to pick-her up at the sanctuary and it was love at first sight for everyone.

 A huge Atta-Girl is in order for Charlotte, DHAR Animal Care & Adoption Coordinator, who handled the adoption from start to finish. Photos were taken - they will soon be posted on our page - good-byes were shared, before our beloved fur-kid left the sanctuary – her home for over two years.

Our Christmas Wish List: Canned dog and cat food (We mix it with the dry food during the coldest part of the winter). Bird Seeds. Cracked corn. Cedar chips. The Sierra County Humane Society has an open account at Horsin’ Around Feed & Tack in TorC. You can either contact them at 575-894-0318 or you can send your donation earmarked for those specific items and we will pick-them up as we need them.

For a while now, we have needed a Cash Register for Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe. If you have one in good working condition that you no longer use and wish to donate to our 50-1-c-3 non-profit organization, please let us know at 575-894-2639 or at Our mailing address is: Sierra County Humane Society, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942. Visit us at Happy Holidays to all our animal loving friends.

Week of 12/1/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Michael Gurnsey
Our community has lost one of its upstanding citizens, 58 years old Michael Gurnsey, who passed away recently. The news of his untimely passing was an absolute shock to many of us in the Sierra County Humane Society. Michael was well-known and well-liked in the community and in our animal welfare organization. Together with his mother, Josephine, and sisters, Joan and Terri, Michael became an active member soon after it was organized in the late 80’s. We join Michael’s family as we mourn his passing. He will be fondly remembered as an animal loving individual, and outstanding member of our organization and of the entire community. We sincerely appreciate the wishes of Michael’s family for contributions in Mike’s memory to be sent to the Sierra County Humane Society and Desert haven Animal Refuge, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.

Forest, the older, emaciated and arthritic hound dog recently rescued from Gila Wilderness is now safe at Desert Haven. Some of Forest’s wounds are emotional wounds that will heal only with love and special care. He is receiving both at the sanctuary. Gumbo, the small, skin-and-bone, Chihuahua discovered by accident inside a junk vehicle in an Albuquerque bone-yard is becoming more active and friendly every day. One can’t begin to imagine what went into these two canines’ minds when they realized they had been abandoned.

This week’s wish list: we badly need canned dog and cat food. You are appreciated, Edith Matthew. this caring lady visited Desert Haven last Tuesday with her grand-daughter Gina. As their canned dog and cat food contribution was being unloaded, “Grand-Ma Edith” said: “It’s my Christmas contribution to Desert Haven”. Also we thank our supporters for Victoria, Texas. Their generous gift of several boxes of canned pet food and treats, directly ordered from Walmart, arrived with perfect timing. Our mailing address is: Sierra County Humane Society, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942. You can also contact us at 575-894-1694, 894-2639 or

Friday, December 6, 2013

Week of 11/24 13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Desert Haven Thanksgiving Turkey 2013
Thanksgiving is being celebrated at Desert Haven Animal Refuge on the Tuesday before the traditional Thanksgiving Day. At lunch time, everyone gathers around the oversized dining room table in the main building. It’s a very pleasant time, not only because of the great pot-luck lunch that we get to enjoy together, but also because of what we at Desert haven, have in common: our love for animals and our desire to make a difference.

 Jim is originally from New York. He has work-camped at Desert Haven for the past four winters in a row. Charlotte and Gerald are from Louisiana. Charlotte is the sanctuary’s Animal Care & Adoptions Coordinator.

Charlotte with Sandy and Daisy
Mike and Laura are General Operations Coordinators at DHAR. They relocated here from Michigan over a year ago. Mike also handles maintenance & projects and Laura helps Eliana operate Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe in TorC. Kelly and Paul are from New England. They plan to help out at the sanctuary until Spring 2014. Aside from local resident Eliana, who has been actively involved with the Sierra County Humane Society since it organized in 1989, Rocky and Tim are also local folks who want to make a difference in the lives of animals. And what better way to do so, than helping care for the little rescues at a No-Kill sanctuary?


Thanksgiving 2013 at Desert Haven! We can think of many reasons to be thankful! We make a strong team; we are connected to each-other by our love for animals and our desire to do something to help those in need. We are also thankful for the kind folks - some of them locals and others from throughout the US - who support our animal welfare organization and our no-kill domestic animal sanctuary in any way they can.

Visit Desert Haven on a Tuesday and spend quality time with some of the small residents. Visit us at Chat with us at and You can also contact us at 575-894-1694, and at: Sierra County Humane Society, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Week of 11/16/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin


This week, Desert Haven became home to two lucky dogs, literally! “Forrest” is a large size hound - an emaciated, wounded and arthritic “old guy”- recently rescued from the Gila Wilderness. The other is a young Chihuahua we named Gumbo. She was discovered by Tim, a local Desert Haven volunteer who was walking around a vehicle bone-yard near Albuquerque a couple of weeks ago. His eye caught the tiny dog curled-up on the torn seat of one of the junk vehicles. Fearful, she repeatedly refused to be caught. While checking out her surroundings, Tim soon realized why the frightened little dog kept coming back to the vehicle. She didn’t want to leave her little buddy’s side. His decomposing skin-and-bone body had obviously been stuck between the door and the passenger seat of the junk car for some time.

Tim rescuing Gumbo

It took an enormous amount of compassion and patience, several trips to the bone yard over a number of days, plenty of canned food and also a steel trap for Tim to get her safely into his car and on their way to Desert Haven. Common sense tells us that we can’t save them all. We saved two more this week: Forest and Gumbo. They will never be alone again. They will never be hungry, or hurt again, as long as they are under the care of the good hearted individuals who put their strong love for animals into action at the sanctuary.

Sweet littel girl - finally safe!

In my new bed!

This week’s wish list: canned dog and cat food, also monetary contributions to help offset the high costs of veterinary care for our most recent little rescues.

Desert Haven is open to visitors every Tuesday. Visit us at You can also chat with us at and Our mailing address is: Sierra County Humane Society, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942. You can also contact us at 575-894-2639 or e-mail us at

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week of 11/10/13 Humne Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Steve unloads pet food donated by Walmart
 The holiday season is on its way. Especially at this time of the year, a large number of regional and national organizations send their Holiday Appeals to every American household they can reach through their numerous mailing lists. The results are obviously successful, or few of us would receive so many requests for donations to help this or that cause. It costs money to raise funds in such a professionally orchestrated manner. Where does that money come from? Of course, it is taken directly from the contribution that we so generously send to those organizations.

All of us who love animals want to help those in need. Some of us lack the time, so we send money to help care for them. For those of us who donate to out-of-town organizations, it would be wise to verify beforehand how much of our hard-earned contributed dollars is actually going towards making these animals’ life a little better.

The Sierra County Humane Society Board of Directors continues to make the most of the funds donated to benefit animals-in-need in our area. With this in mind, we choose not to utilize the professional services of companies who make money out of raising funds for organizations like ours. Our organization is proud to say that every contribution that it receives to help animals-in-need in our area, goes directly to them.

This week’s wish list: At Desert Haven, bird and sunflower seeds for our white and domesticated ring-neck doves, canned food and treats for our canines and felines. The sanctuary is open to visitors every Tuesday.

Visit us at You can also chat with us at and

You appreciate our efforts to make a difference? Then get involved in some way with our animal welfare organization! Become a member! Volunteer at Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe or Desert Haven! Donate to help us care for local animals-in-need! Send your Holiday contribution to the Sierra County Humane Society, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942. You can also contact us at 575-894-2639 or e-mail us at

Week of 11/1/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Bullocks grocery store
This week, we are reminding our readers that the Bullocks Cash-for-Club program is still in effect. Bullocks receipts continue to be collected for the Sierra County Humane Society (SCHS) and Desert Haven Animal Refuge (DHAR), its No-Kill domestic animal sanctuary.

This is how it works: When you drop-off your Bullocks receipts in our collection boxes inside Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe, at the TorC public library or the Williamsburg post office, our 501-C-3 non-profit organization receive $2 per each one thousand dollars from redeemed Bullocks receipts. All the funds collected by our organization from the Bullocks receipts go towards our own Spay-Neuter and Spay-a-Stray programs. The local SCHS Spay-a-Stray program is tailored from the Trap-Neuter-Release program initiated years ago by Alley Cats Allies, a national animal welfare organization dedicated to help curb feral cat overpopulation all over the nation. Feral cats lucky enough to have someone willing and able to watch over them and provide them with food, water and shelter should be sterilized instead of being systematically trapped and destroyed at local animal shelters. The Trap-Neuter-Release program – AKA: Spay-a-Stray - has proven to be very successful in curbing feline overpopulation in Sierra County communities since the mid 1990’s, when our organization started the program locally.

 Bullocks receipts, aluminum cans, Doggie Banks and personal contributions help fund the Spay-a-Stray program. Our Cans Corral, adjacent to Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe in TorC, is the collection point for your aluminum cans. You can also drop-off your Bullocks receipts inside the shop during business hours, or in the Donation Box when the store is closed for business. Your donations towards the program can be sent to the Sierra County Humane Society, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.

 Through our Adopt-a-Pet referral program, our organization helps you find a home for your no-longer-wanted pet, free of charge to you. Also through the program, you can adopt a pet directly from its owner. For more information, contact us at or call us at 575-894-1694.

The sanctuary is open to visitors every Tuesday. To volunteer or contribute in some way, contact us at 575-894-2639 or e-mail us at Visit us at, and

Week of 10/27/13 Humane happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Desert Haven Animal Refuge

We are coming into the holiday season and caring individuals from all-over have already inquired about the wish-list of the Sierra County Humane Society & Desert Haven Animal Refuge. We always need large plastic bags and containers with our without lids, also cleaning supplies: Odorban, Pine Sol, Clorox bleach, work gloves, disposable Playtex gloves, sturdy scrubbing pads and brushes, dishwashing liquid, etc. In winter, the Desert Haven residents’ diet is supplemented with sunflower seeds in Birdland and canned food in DogTown and the Cool Cat Neighborhood. The local Walmart and other local businesses are generous to Desert Haven; Friends from all-over also routinely help supply our sanctuary with dry dog and cat food year ‘round. This allows us to concentrate our efforts on collecting much-needed canned dog and cat food, sunflower seeds, cracked corn and rabbit pellets to add to our little ones diet during the coldest months of the year.

Click the link for details on adopting Cassie

Desert Haven is routinely contacted by folks wanting to give-up a no-longer-wanted pet. Desert Haven is a private, non-profit, no-kill sanctuary with limited resources. It is neither financially nor physically able to take in every animal needing help. Common sense dictates the sanctuary policies on animal intake. An animal being adopted makes room for another in need. Most folks understand. Those who wish not to understand usually are the most vocal.

Sierra Animal Services is a for-profit business located on North Date Street in TorC. It is currently operating as the official animal shelter for Sierra County and not to be confused with the local Humane Society. The animal shelter operation is entirely funded by local taxpayers’ dollars. During business hours, an unwanted domestic animal can be dropped-off at the shelter, no fee and no questions asked, also no appointment needed.

Through our Adopt-a-pet-referral program, the Sierra County Humane Society also helps you find a home for your no-longer-wanted pet, free of charge to you. For more information, contact us at or at 575-894-1694.

The sanctuary is open to visitors every Tuesday. To volunteer or contribute in some way, contact us at 575-894-2639 or e-mail us at Visit us at, and

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week of 10/20/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

This week, the Sierra County Humane Society wishes to thank Earl of San Francisco California and long-time anonymous benefactors from Victoria Texas, for answering our appeal for radiating heaters to keep the furry residents of the No-Kill animal sanctuary warm during the coldest winter nights.

Our little Vickie
 Vickie is the oldest canine resident of Dog Town. She came to us as a very small puppy, during the summer of 2003. She has been abandoned by her unscrupulous owner, together with a large number of other dogs and puppies in the middle of the desert around Cuchillo, NM. Just before law enforcement officers had the chance to visit the property after receiving complaints of hoarding and lack of proper sanitation there, the man hauled them off to the desert. Vickie survived her ordeal – barely - by walking all the way back to a house at the outskirts of the little town. The couple who discovered her brought her to the sanctuary.

 Vickie is getting on in years now. Desert Haven is her home and she is everyone’s special little girl-dog. She and the other furry residents will benefit greatly from the generosity of our friends from California and Texas. We are grateful!

89 years old Edith Mathew visited the sanctuary on Tuesday, to drop-off several bags of dog food and bird seeds. Grand-daughter Gina Thomas and great-grand- son Daryl accompanied her. DHAR staff member Charlotte gave them a tour of the facility. “I am very glad I was able to do this (purchase pet food for the sanctuary residents)” said Edith before she left. What a grand lady!

Wish list for this week: Canned dog and cat food - Bird and sunflower seeds. Rabbit pellets – Odorban - Clorox bleach - Dishwashing liquid - Disposable rubber gloves. We also need volunteers at Desert Haven and P&C Thrift Shoppe.

The sanctuary is open for visitors every Tuesday. Enjoy a tour of the facility and take time to meet the furry & feathered residents and all the dedicated volunteers who care for them. Contact us at 575-894-2639 or e-mail us at Visit us at, and

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week of 10/13/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Charlotte with Dusty Cat aka Flipper
We read of heartbreaks and sadness in this world. The evening news report sad stories with sad endings. Locally, The Sierra County Humane Society routinely deals with animal cruelty, neglect, abandonment. Dogs and cats are treated like throw-away items. Dogs are left behind, still chained in vacant back yards when their owners move. Cats are locked inside no-longer occupied houses. Volunteering for an animal welfare organization in this area can be emotionally demanding.

There is a silver lining we wish to share with our readers - a beautiful story and the most recent: a nice lady comes to Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe and inquires about possibly donating some winter-bedding to Desert Haven, our organization No-Kill domestic animal sanctuary. She is invited to visit Desert Haven on a Tuesday when it is open to visitors. The following Tuesday, Keri- the nice lady - arrives at Desert Haven with the bedding, just as she promised. She receives the grand tour of the facility. It includes visiting the Neighborhood, home to the feline residents.

Dusty Cat aka Flipper

There, Keri's attention is soon directed towards a soft tan tabby known at the sanctuary as “Dusty-Cat”. He reminds her of one very special fur-kid she had shared her life with some years back. Her beloved kitty - “Flipper”- had gone out one day and never returned home. Keri tells how heartbroken she was and how she mourned the loss of Flipper.

Dusty-Cat comes to investigate the visitor. Another mention of Flipper and the little guy immediately jumps into her lap and starts begging for attention. He then grabs her hand with his front claws and pulls it close so he can give his routine soft “love bites”. The staff is no stranger to Dusty-Cat’s attention-begging habits. Keri’s heart stops: Dusty-Cat not only looks like Flipper, but he also displays the exact-same habits of her long-lost beloved Flipper. Could it be? Could Dusty-Cat be Flipper? His file is opened: “2009 - a friendly stray, who came to stay", it says. More time is shared between Keri and Dusty-Cat-Flipper. Everyone now is convinced: Dusty-Cat is indeed Flipper. How he survived in the desert, walked over six miles to the sanctuary grounds? Only Flipper knows!

Charlotte cuddles Dusty Cat aka Flipper

We need volunteers at Desert Haven and P&C Thrift Shoppe. Contact us at 575-894-2639 or e-mail us at Visit us at, and

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week of 10/6/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Vicki with her new squeaky toy
This week, the Sierra County Humane Society wishes to acknowledge the guardian angels who keep Desert Haven Animal Refuge on top of their good-will list. We made an appeal for dog treats in one of our recent Humane Happenings article. It was answered by local friends and also by kind people from as far as Victoria, Texas. Within the past couple of weeks, several local folks dropped-off dog treats inside the Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe Donation Box. Our DHAR friends from Texas sent, via FEDEX, several large boxes of Walmart dog treats. What overwhelming feeling for those of us “in the trenches”, to realize that we are not alone. There are many kind folks who do what they can to help out small animal welfare organizations like ours, even when these organizations are not located in their own neighborhoods!

Dianna and Eliana

The past few weeks, Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe has received an exceptional number of boxes of carefully packed contributions that any antique store, any high-end boutique in any city would pride itself to display in their own place of business. For example, we now proudly display an extensive collection of railroad items, from miniature railroad cars to real-life equipment. We are unpacking large number of boxes of old and antique dishware and houseware, some from Old England. We receive boxes of one-of-a-kind items that are usually found mostly in exclusive big-city shops. Our Paws&Claws volunteers plan to get all these amazing treasures tagged and displayed before the start of the Christmas season. The overwhelming generosity we witness through such contributions indicates that many people care enough about the cause we represent that they will donate their very best to the non-profit store that helps fund our organization.

 Do you have a couple of hours of free time a week to give? We need YOU to help us make a difference in this corner of the world. We need help at Desert Haven and at Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe. We need help building an agility course inside DHAR Playland, also a kitty tower, look-out or Kitty hideaway. Contact us at 575-894-2639 or e-mail us at Visit us at, and

Week of 9/29/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin
Laura and Mike
This week, The Sierra County Humane Society Board of Directors wishes to acknowledge Laura and Michael - General Operations Coordinators at Desert Haven Animal Refuge.

In the fall of 2012, Mike and Laura drove all the way from Michigan to spend a few months as work-campers at Desert Haven. They had sold their home, left the stressful rat race behind in search of a simpler, more fulfilling way of life while moving closer to Mike’s grown children who reside in NM - a huge step that brought them to Desert Haven Animal Refuge.

Last fall, a couple of months into their commitment, Mike and Laura made such a strong impression on the Sierra County Humane Society Board of Directors that they were invited to fill the position of General Operations Coordinator at the sanctuary. The SCHS Board directs the overall operation of the organization, which includes Desert Haven and Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe. We are now October 2013 - Mike and Laura have made Desert Haven and Sierra County their home. They have become an integral part of Desert Haven’s managing team.

Laura with Prince

Both Mike and Laura are exceptional individuals with strong work ethics and valuable skills. They work well as a couple, sharing the oversight of the daily operation of the sanctuary. As part of her commitment, Laura also helps operate Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe in TorC. Among other talents and skills, Michael is a first-class handyman. He handles the maintenance throughout the entire property - not an easy job especially when our limited resources must always be taken into account every time repairs or needed upgrades are made.

This week’s wish list: a variety of dog treats for our Desert Haven canines who all seem to have their own favorites. Are you a handyman with time on your hands? We need YOU to help us build an agility course inside Playland at Desert Haven, also a kitty tower, look-out or Kitty hideaway. We need YOU to volunteer a couple of hours or more a week at the sanctuary. We need YOU to help at Paws&Claws during business hours. Contact us at 575-894-2639. Visit us at, and

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week of 9/22/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin
 It’s been an unusual couple of weeks for the Sierra County Humane Society, which also operates Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe and Desert Haven Animal Refuge. The monsoon floods of 2013 will be remembered for a long time to come in many households, especially those with livestock and companion animals to save from the raging waters and the destruction left behind.

During those times, we received an unusually large number of phone inquiries regarding lost or found dogs and cats. Most were wondering if their companion animal had perhaps found his or her way to the sanctuary or perhaps had been dropped-off there by a good Samaritan. Sadly, it is apparent that some animals left outside during the heavy rains and subsequent flooding of entire sections of Sierra County communities apparently became disoriented and could not get back to their home.

Please spread the word that anyone who abandons an unwanted dog or cat in a neighborhood, near the edge of the river, on the side of a road, is guilty of Animal Cruelty. Some folks even leave the area and abandon their pets behind. One can only wonder what’s wrong with such folks. There is a place anyone can drop-off their unwanted animal at. It is Sierra Veterinary Services which also operates the adjacent City Shelter through a contract funded by local taxpayers. Anyone who lives in TorC or Sierra County can utilize the City Shelter’s services, no questions asked.

Desert Haven is open to the public every Tuesday, from 9AM to 4PM. If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat but you have not had any success yet, contact us at 575-894-1694 or e-mail us at If none of our Dog Town residents melts your heart, you may find your special companion on our DHAR Adopt-a-Pet-Referral bulletin board and running list, which are both updated weekly.

We need YOU to volunteer a couple of hours or more a week at our sanctuary. We need YOU to help at Paws&Claws during business hours. Contact us at 575-894-2639. Visit us at, and

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week of 9/15/13 Humane happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Charlotte; Desert Haven Adoption Coordinator
This week, we wish to share a story: A person was driving on HWY 187 on her way to TorC when she noticed a dog walking along the busy road at a steady pace, then crossing it and walking back at the same pace, back and forth. As she drove by the female dog, she wondered why this dog was there, pacing the road as she did. Hours later, on her way back, she saw the same dog, still walking back and forth on that same road stretch.

This time, she knew she had to stop. Perhaps the poor animal was lost. Most likely, she had been abandoned on that road, somewhere in that general area. She realized the dog would not stay alive for much longer, walking on the busy road as she was. She picked her up. She could not take her home, since she already had a house full of companion animals, so she asked for help at Desert Haven, located a few miles away. The paws on this girl-dog were flattened and raw, obviously from her extended period of pacing the road back and forth in an attempt to wait for her owner to come back for her.

Charlotte, DHAR Animal Care & Adoption Coordinator, had to break the news to Christine, the good Samaritan: “No room at the Inn at this time”. However, she immediately offered the help of our animal welfare organization in other ways, through both DHAR Petfinder and Facebook pages and also the weekly HUMANE HAPPENINGS column in our local newspapers. Charlotte also oversees the Adopt-a-Pet Referral program, which helps individuals who need to give up a pet connect with folks who want to share their home with one.

This story has a good ending: the very next day, thanks to everyone involved, the otherwise doomed female dog found a forever home – the perfect match for her and a gentleman who had been looking for one just like her for a while. Christine, who saved a life by getting involved – needed to find a new home for several kittens and cats and Charlotte connected her with folks who were looking for cats and kittens. Contact us at Desert Haven at 575-894-1694 or e-mail us at

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week of 9/8/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Charlotte bottle feeds a kitten
This week, Desert Haven Animal Refuge (DHAR) wishes to acknowledge Charlotte and Gerald, who are currently work camping at the no-kill domestic animal sanctuary owned and operated by the Sierra County Humane Society (SCHS). This exceptional couple moved from Louisiana to DHAR early this spring. A few weeks into their stay, both Gerald and Charlotte had already integrated so well into our volunteer team that when they proposed to commit to help out at the sanctuary for an entire year – many more months than first agreed on - everyone embraced their decision with genuine pleasure. Gerald and Charlotte had become an integral part of the DHAR family.

A few weeks ago, when the long-term Desert Haven Animal Care & Adoptions Coordinator resumed her RV’ing adventures at the end of her one-year commitment, Charlotte kindly accepted to fill her shoes. Her positive energy, her dedication to our animal welfare cause together with her hard-work are instrumental in the program’s on-going success. Our organization’s Adopt-a-Pet Referral program is also part of Charlotte’s responsibilities. If you feel you need to give up a companion animal you can no longer care for, contact us. Even if, at that time, there is no space available at the sanctuary for your little one, we will still help you find him or her a loving home. Among other avenues, we post your information with several photos of the pet on both our Desert Haven PetFinder and Facebook pages. Contact us at Desert Haven at 575-894-1694 or e-mail your information to If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat but you have not had any success yet, contact us. We keep our Adopt-a-Pet-Referral list updated.

We need YOU to volunteer a couple of hours or more a week at our sanctuary. We have canines to feed and walk. We have felines, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds to care for. We need help at Paws&Claws during business hours - someone to sort through donations, test small appliances and get them ready for display, also someone to revamp our displays throughout the store while helping our customers. Contact us. Visit us at, and

Monday, September 2, 2013

Week of 9/1/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has released its predictions: This winter will come early. It also promises to be bitter cold. We assume that Southern New Mexico is included in this winter’s predictions.

At Desert Haven Animal Refuge, we are planning for the winter. During the coldest winter nights, we plan to heat - in the most efficient way and within the constraints of our budget - some of the most utilized areas of the sanctuary’s dog and cat habitats. With this goal in mind, we are concentrating on acquiring several portable oil-filled radiating heaters. This type of heater is considered very dependable and also one of the most energy-efficient heating systems that our budget can afford over several months of cold winter nights.

From the senior canines and felines to the smallest, short-hair breeds, all our little rescues need as much comfort as we are able to provide for them. This coming winter won’t be different. If some of our readers have a good used oil-filled radiating heater you would like to donate, or perhaps the funds for us to purchase one locally, please call us at 894-2639 or e-mail us at You can also send your contribution to Desert Haven Animal Refuge, POB 638, Williamsburg, New Mexico, 87942. Our small sanctuary operates on a very limited budget. Time and time again, our supporters from all over have been there for us. We thank you in advance for any help you can give us to keep our little ones warm this coming winter.

Are you a local or perhaps a seasonal resident who wants to start a safe and fun exercise routine while enjoying the company of dogs? We need dog walkers at Desert Haven, any morning of the week between 8 and 11AM.

Our felines also love extra attention. If you prefer cats, we have many at the sanctuary, ready and eager to spend all the time you want with them. We also need help at Paws&Claws during business hours, to sort through donations, test small appliances and help keep our customers happy. Contact us.

Check us out at, Visit us at and

Week of 8/25/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

This week, the Sierra County Humane Society wishes to acknowledge the management at Davis Fleck for recently donating to Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe several large boxes of brand new – and very nice - items, such as men and women watches, jewelry, knick-knacks, etc. A few days ago, we also received, again from Davis Fleck, a box filled with a whole series of miniature cars – all brand new - that will be sure to please young children and children-at-heart who shop at our thrift store.

By the way, it seems that after so many years since P&C opened for business in 1997, most if not all Sierra County residents would be aware that Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe is a non-profit store operated by the Sierra County Humane Society, a 501-C-3 charitable organization. A very recent incident at the store indicated once again that some obviously un-informed individuals are still assuming that P&C is a business that benefits a private entity. NOT TRUE. Desert Haven Animal Refuge depends on the funds that are generated at the Shoppe. All the signature programs of our organizations, such as the Spay-Neuter, Spay-a-Stray, also Adopt –a-Classroom programs among others, also depend on Paws&Claws for their survival. P&C also provides an important service to the community by serving as a recycling station for the area while offering necessary and not-so-necessary items at extremely reasonable prices. In these hard economic times, it’s very important.

We thank all our P&C supporters. We thank those who shop there regularly and those who also make a point to let us know that they appreciate what we do for local unwanted animals. We thank those who choose P&C to drop-off their donations of regular household goods but also of furniture pieces and other large items that help increase our revenues ten-fold.

We need dog walkers and kitty cuddlers at Desert Haven, any morning of the week between 8 and 11AM. We also need help at Paws&Claws during business hours, to sort through donations, test small appliances and help keep customers happy. If interested, contact us at 575-894-2639. Check us out at, Visit us at and

Week of 8/18/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Jim Seery hard at work
 New York native Jim Seery is returning to Desert Haven Animal Refuge within the next few weeks. Jim is retired law-enforcement officer who has chosen the work-camping lifestyle. He spends the summers work-camping in Michigan, near his grand-children. For the past four years, Jim has called Desert Haven his winter home. A kind and peace-loving man that everyone involved with Desert Haven and Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe has come to appreciate and consider an integral member of the DHAR extended family, Jim will be part of our organization for the next several months, while enjoying the local hot springs and small restaurants. Welcome back, Jim!

Jim is a book aficionado and he is already sharing his plans to help make the book-nook at Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe even more efficient. Our P&C book-nook stays busy all the time – we are told that our collection of donated books is expansive and most of our customers seem to appreciate our bargain prices.

Within the next few weeks, before their regular meeting, the T-or-C City Commission will hold a workshop on the T-or-C Animal Control Ordinance that is being revised. Many animal loving individuals realize that changes need to be made. It is our opportunity to make a difference! So please attend if you can! For more information, contact us at 575-894-2639 or at You can also call the Mayor of T-or-C at City Hall. Mayor Mulcahy seems to always welcome new common- sense ideas and suggestions.

At this time, we need someone to help head our new SCHS foster dog and cat program. We also need dog walkers and kitty cuddlers at Desert Haven, any morning of the week between 8 and 11AM. We also need help at Paws&Claws, to sort through donations and/or test small appliances. P&C opens for business between 11 AM and 4 PM. If interested in giving a couple of hours a week to help a good cause, contact us at 575-894-2639. Check us out at, Visit us at and

Week of 8/11/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Sharon and her dad, Bill
Desert Haven Animal Refuge got hammered by the recent major electrical storm from a couple of weeks ago. Not only several walking trails and driveways around the property were transformed into destructive mountain rapids for a while, but our entire WI-FI service also took a major hit. We believe that it is the ESC (electrostatic discharge) caused by the lightening during the major electrical storm from a couple of weeks ago that took everything out, in the DHAR office and also in the entire RV campground. We had everything in protected power supplies. We also had a main antenna with a lightening arrestor, but it was clearly no match for that storm. From the response we received from Windstream, our rural area is obviously low on their list. Until the company upgrades its lines, rural WI-FI users like Desert Haven are on their own with many of their WI-FI problems.

Sharon Stoffel and her dad, Bill, have been the WI-FI experts at DHAR for several years now. They were called to the rescue and came through for us, once again. Sharon lives in Albuquerque and works at Sandia Labs. Bill divides his time between Albuquerque and Elephant Butte. Both worked – totally on a volunteer basis - on the WI-FI until it was back up again. Thanks a million, guys! Also thank-you, Mike Wowianko, (Desert Haven General Operations Coordinator) for making yourself available and working with them until our WI-FI got back on track.

This week’s wish list: Dog treats for our small to large canines. Last year, our pleas for dog treats and canned dog food were answered by our generous Desert Haven long-time supporters from Victoria Texas. We completely ran out of dog treats last month. We hope that some of our animal loving friends will help replenish our supply. Our fur-kids love their treats. At this time of the year, we need volunteer help both at Desert Haven and Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe. We can be contacted at 575-894-2639 and at Check us out at, Visit us at and

Friday, August 2, 2013

Week of 7/29/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin
Shaggy and buddies waiting for Frank to race to the pick up point

The Mighty Mutts of Pedigree Alley who currently reside at Desert Haven Animal Refuge, have something very special to be thankful for these days: they all have made good friends with Frank and his two gorgeous and very well mannered Dobermans, Jessie and Billie-Jo. Frank and his canine family have resided at Desert Haven Animal Refuge since early this spring. Frank keeps his own fur-kids in top physical shape, and he does it in a special way that both “boys”, as he calls them with tenderness, look forward to every day. And now, they have company!

Jesse and Foxie Girl at the river

Frank recently started a routine of picking-up each morning, in his tough old jeep that has served him very well, a couple of the larger DHAR dogs. Picture this: four large dogs – all of them very excited in sheer anticipation of what fun lies ahead – riding all together in the back of a jeep that has had to be made a dog-worthy transport.

Soon after daylight each day, two lucky Desert Haven dogs are selected to load up in the transport and head for the river, where a good time will be had by all. Not so much for Frank, because he is the designated driver, but the rest of the gang is in for a river run! And that’s just the beginning! After a delightful swim, some running around together, some checking-out all the delightful scents at the river’s edge, time comes to pack it up! And here is the routine: Frank gives the signal, the “kids” gather for an all-out sprint on the primitive trail all the way to the pick-up point two miles down the road. One takes the lead. The others follow, tails wagging! The race has begun. Dashing ahead of the jeep, they leave poor Frank in the dust. At the pick-up point, everybody loads-up into the transport and heads for home.

Scruffy loves every minute of this river adventure

Back home at Desert Haven, all the canines, their heads full of the exciting memories of the morning, are now ready for breakfast. It’s waiting for them as they come in. Then it's nap-time. Thank-you, Frank! Today is a good day to be a dog at Desert Haven!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Humane Happenings Week of 7/7/13

by Eliana Aubin

Lucy enjoying a walk with Lurvie
These last few days were very special for the volunteer team at Desert Haven Animal Refuge. It was also a huge milestone for Lucy, the young Australian cattle dog who has called Desert Haven her home since the fall of 2011. Lucy was still a puppy when abandoned in the desert in the spring of 2010. Against all odds, Lucy survived in the wild and even lived through the harsh winter of 2010. The Good Samaritan who along the way had become aware of her fleeting presence around his week-end property was finally able to trap her before her second winter in the wild. Lucy was transported to Desert Haven Animal Refuge inside a wire trap - a traumatized, skinny little girl-dog who no-longer trusted the human race.

A resident of Dogtown for the past two years, Lucy has been one of the no-kill sanctuary’s special-needs fur-kids. It took patience and love to help our little one slowly re-gain her trust of humans and finally become the wonderful dog she was always meant to be. Last week, Lucy took her milestone ride to the local veterinary clinic to get sterilized. We know that our friends fully appreciate Lucy’s story. We know that they, too, understand how crucial Lucy’s successful rehabilitation is to all of us who care for her and love her as our own.

 Lucy is another success story at Desert Haven. This little gal represents what the sanctuary is all about. We pick-up the pieces of shattered little lives and through care, patience and love, we put them back together to give them a new chance at the life they deserve. With the on-going support of our animal loving friends, we can “be the change in the world we want to see”.

Visit Desert Haven on a Tuesday or call or e-mail us at 575-894-1694 for an appointment. Check out our Petfinder page at Visit us at, and

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week of 5/26/13 Humane Happenings

The City of TorC recently held its first Annual Spring Dog Fair. From the number of dogs attending and the comments heard, it was an obvious success! The Mayor of TorC was available throughout the event, meeting with folks interested in discussing animal welfare issues and in the current Animal Control Ordinance. Our Sierra County Humane Society booth was also well attended. Thank you, everyone, for helping make this event the success that it was.

From comments heard at the Dog Fair and elsewhere in town recently, there is obviously some confusion regarding the Sierra County Humane Society Spay-a-Stray program versus the Trap-Neuter-Return Program (T-N-R) that is erroneously mentioned as a locally unknown program.

The SCHS Spay-a-Stray program and Trap-Neuter-Return program are one and the same. Our hard-working non-profit animal welfare organization took the lead and implemented the program in Sierra County in the mid-90’s – about 20 years ago. The SCHS Spay-a-Stray program – as we call it locally - was tailored from the then-very-new T-N-R program advocated by the national organization “Alley Cats Allies”. Alley Cats Allies is dedicated to advocating humane and non-lethal methods of reducing cat population in response to Animal Control’s known tradition of a policy of systematic extermination. Killing stay and feral cats at Taxpayers expense does not effectively control cat population growth. It is also very costly.

Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe generates the funds to cover the costs of the program locally. For more information on the program nationwide, visit Interested in helping us keep the program available in Sierra County? Donate through our Paypal account on our web site at . You can also send your tax-deductible contribution to: The Sierra County Humane Society, Inc. at POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.

This week’s wish list: someone to help our DHAR office team for a couple of hours on Tuesday. Volunteers at Paws&Claws - Call 575-894-2639 or 894-1694. Transparent plastic bags - we re-use them at P&C to display small and large items, blankets, afghans, etc. Disposable gloves and cleaning supplies. Chat with us at and

Friday, March 15, 2013

by  Jim Seery of Michigan

Jim Seery, hard at work at Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe, major fund raiser for Desert Haven Animal refuge
 2013 was my third year in a row work-camping at Desert Haven.
My third time was a charm! I had left my home state of Michigan in my motor-home for the third winter heading out to Desert Haven Animal Refuge in Williamsburg, Southern New Mexico where I work-camp.
Along with about nine fellow work-campers, some of them couples, we took care of the dogs, cats, birds, chickens, guinea pigs and peacocks. We also kept up with the grounds and with some small maintenance on the property. Some of us helped out at Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe as part of our assignments. The shop is located in town and its profits go directly into the operation of the Sierra County Humane Society and Desert Haven Animal Refuge.
Seems like a lot of work, but not really. It’s just a few hours a week. When on the schedule for animal care on any day of the week, it’s about three hours in the morning and one in the afternoon. So, even on our work days, that leaves plenty of time to take in the local sites, which include my favorite: soaking in the natural -and very affordable - hot springs.
The small town of Truth or Consequences is just a few miles away and you can save at Wal-Mart, eat at some fine restaurants or take in a movie at El Cortez theater. If you enjoy fishing or water sports, there is the Rio Grande nearby and also two lakes - Elephant Butte and Caballo lakes - only a few miles away. The entire area is full of history, mostly the Old West with its ghost towns and frontier forts, but also prehistoric American Indian. Hiking and gem hunting are popular outdoor activities in this area. As far as the weather is concerned, it can’t be beat.
Please feel free to contact me for any further information that you believe may be helpful to you.
Jim Seery

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week of 1/27/13 Humane Happenings

Glass garden at Desert Haven Animal Refuge
by Eliana Aubin

When the property that is now Desert Haven Animal Refuge today was purchased thirteen years ago, it was to build a small no-kill sanctuary for Sierra County companion animals down-on-their luck. Once re-adjusted and happy again, they would be given a new forever home or live the rest of their natural life in the safe and loving environment they all deserved. We are now 13 years later and the objective has been achieved. The five acre property is a comfortable home for all its residents. It’s also a pleasant environment for those who care for the little rescues and an inviting destination for visitors and potential adopters. Built as an Old West little town overlooking the Caballo Mountains and the Rio Grande Corridor below, the sanctuary has a unique charm that enhances the atmosphere of peace and serenity that many visitors appreciate.

Several years ago, the DHAR team decided to create inside the sanctuary grounds a peaceful and relaxing outdoor area, to be enjoyed by those who came to visit or help care for the furry and feather residents. The area was cleared and slowly developed as the beautiful glass garden that it is now becoming.

A brightly decorated bottle tree stands tall in the center of the garden. Comfortable benches allow visitors to watch the New Mexico sun shine through the myriads of colored glass structures and colorful bottles as the day goes by. Laura is currently transforming the glass garden into a true work-of-art.

Mike & Laura with Elaina at our Christmas party
 Laura and her husband Mike recently relocated to the sanctuary from Michigan. Both are hard workers with talents and skills and also the energy and personality to match. Each glass sculpture that Laura creates is unique and adds to the soothing atmosphere of serenity at Desert Haven. We are collecting glass bottles and items of all sizes and colors. With plenty of material to choose from, Laura is creating a beautiful environment that can only add to the sanctuary’s spiritual atmosphere. You can help by bringing colorful glass bottles and other glass items to Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe from Wed through Saturday, 11 AM to 4 PM. You can also drop them off at Desert Haven on Tuesdays, when the no-kill sanctuary is open to the public.

Contact us at 894-1694 or . Visit our web site at and

Week of 1/20/13 Humane Happenings

 by Eliana Aubin 

I'm ready for a walk, Tina!
The Sierra County Humane Society is a non-profit 501-C-3 animal welfare organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of companion animals down-on-their-luck. As a community minded organization, the SCHS offers several programs for the residents of Sierra County, one of which is the Adopt-a-Pet Referral program. It allows a Sierra County pet owner who can no longer care for that pet to give him every chance possible at a loving new home, whether it is local or out-of-the area. Contact us at 575-894-1694 or e-mail us at for more information. Through the Adopt-a-Pet Referral Program, the SCHS offers free referral services to anyone interested in adopting a favorite type of dog or cat and willing to adopt directly from the animal’s owner.

Volunteer opportunities are available year around within our organization. Would you like to get involved in some way? Let us know! We need dog walkers and cat aficionados at the sanctuary. You like birds? Let us know! We can use your help in Birdland. Morning Animal Care starts at 8 AM each morning.

Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe keeps Desert Haven Animal Refuge in operation. We are open from 11 am to 4 pm, Wednesday through Saturday every week. We need helpers every business day. We also need someone to handle the Arts & Crafts section.

This week’s wish list: Bird and sunflower seeds - Large plastic containers that we can use to keep a constant supply of fresh water in Dog Town and the Cool Cat Neighborhood. The tick season is on its way and we are preparing a tick repellent treatment program for the residents of DogTown. An individual treatment program is costly, as everyone who owns a dog is aware of. Would some of our readers be interested in helping sponsor a dog or two and cover their monthly treatment? Do you have some personal tried-and-true advice to share with us? Let us know.

Contact us at 894-1694 or .

Visit our web site at and

Friday, January 11, 2013

Week of 1/7/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Our Christmas party 
 This week, the Sierra County Humane Society volunteer staff wishes to gratefully acknowledge all the thoughtful folks who, during the Christmas Holidays, remembered with their generous contributions the furry and feathered residents of Desert Haven Animal Refuge. The no-kill sanctuary is owned and operated by the 501-C-3 non-profit animal welfare organization.

A special thank you goes to the anonymous individuals who, around Christmas Day, dropped-off at the gated entrance several large boxes of pet food, treats and brand new pet toys and accessories. Soon after, Lois and CW Wrede of Elephant Butte drove up with a car full of dog and cat treats, also carpets, towels and other items on behalf of the Roadrunners Women’s Golf Association. That same day, Mary Roden and Sel Bethel delivered to the Cool Cat Neighborhood a car trunk full of much needed canned cat food and treats. We could not do what we do to help local animals in need year ‘round without all of supporters from all over!

The local Humane Society volunteer staff continues to work hard to raise money for the cause. We collect Aluminum cans. We also collect Bullocks receipts that SCHS member Josephine tallies and redeems for our organization. Bullocks Grocery Store donates to our non-profit 501-C-3 organization $2 per thousand dollars that we collect.
Window at Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe

Comments recently made by our TorC mayor are worth sharing with our readers. At the close of a meeting with a SCHS representative, his comments echoes what many local Paws&Claws shoppers are saying:”The volunteers at P&C Thrift Shoppe are very customer service oriented. No matter what day I shop there, a volunteer says “Hi” with a smile and offers to help me find what I want. I always feel welcome in your store.”

Our team of volunteers very much appreciates all the positive comments that we hear about Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe, including the strong customer service that we make a point to provide. Contact us at or 575-894-1694. Visit our web site at and

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week of 1/1/13 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Tina and furry friends
 The year 2012 has been a very interesting year for the Sierra County Humane Society and Desert Haven Animal Refuge, the no-kill domestic animal sanctuary owned and operated by the 501-C-3 non-profit organization.

Welcome back to Desert Haven, Jim and Sparky! Jim is a work camper and his home base is Michigan. This is the third winter in a row that Jim helps out at DHAR and it’s great to know that he decided to return this year. Aside from being versatile, both at DHAR and Paws&Claws Thrift Shoppe, Jim is also an aficionado of the local hot springs and he enjoys TorC cuisine offered by our local restaurants. His fur-kid Sparky is a former sanctuary resident adopted before Jim moved on last spring. Jim is rejoining us at a time when we have one of the best quality teams DHAR has ever had.

Tina is from Oregon. She is DHAR Animal Care & Adoptions Coordinator. She also handles the organization’s Adopt-a-Pet Referral program. Her management skills and leadership abilities benefit greatly the daily operation of the sanctuary.

Sharon, together with her canine family, came last summer all the way from Maine, to fill the DHAR Caretaker’s position. As part of her many responsibilities, she oversees our beautiful Rainbow Bridge Pet Cemetery. Charlie & Elaine arrived late summer. Both are military retirees. This energetic and very pleasant couple brings to DHAR exceptionally strong work ethics and a genuine desire to make a difference. Mike & Laura read about Desert Haven on Facebook. Both bring with them many sought-after hands-on skills and the willingness to share them for the good of the cause. They are a perfect fit for the quality of the team members we already have at the sanctuary. With Lurvie & Eileen who recently arrived from Illinois, our DHAR team is complete.

Thanks to the quality of people which we always hope for but don’t always find, DHAR and the animal welfare organization that it represents are stronger than ever before, and 2013 can only be even more focused on helping Sierra County companion animals down-on-their-luck.

Contact us at or 575-894-1694. Visit our web site at and

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week of 12/16/12 Humane Happenings

 by Eliana Aubin

Vickie and Rosie getting extra attention from Tina and Eliana
Several weeks ago, the Sierra County Humane Society made a list of items that are routinely very much needed at Desert Haven, such as but not limited to large bottles of Clorox bleach, OdorBan, dishwashing liquid and hand sanitizer, also cement floor brushes and squeegees, water buckets and mops and, as importantly, sturdy pooper scoopers. Small area rugs, bed pillows, also carpet remnants and sturdy utility knives to cut them into smaller sizes are always on our list of priority items during the winter months. With store-bought heavy duty plastic doggie-door flaps out of our budget range, our resourceful volunteers use specific types of material such as used rubber mats or mud-flaps, old rubber-backed rugs, well-worn thermo-insulating door curtains, heavy-duty plastic sheets to make easy-to use and easy-on-our budget doggie-door flaps for the indoor-outdoor kennels and dog houses in Dogtown.

Our animal loving friends from all over responded quickly. The past couple of weeks especially, we have received boxes and bags of needed cleaning supply from as far away as California and Florida. People from Ruidoso, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Silver City, also folks from Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, have helped fill our sanctuary’s wish list this Christmas.

Our local friends became actively involved as well. This past Tuesday, members of the Roadrunner Golf Association dropped-off at the sanctuary several bags of much needed bird seeds and various types of items and also bedding material. It was a good feeling for the sanctuary volunteers to see firsthand how our local community continues to help the cause of companion animals in one way or another.

A warm thank you goes to Desert Haven’s special guardian angels from Texas. This wonderful couple not only remembered our little rescues at this time of the year, but also the good-hearted volunteers who care for them every day. Last Tuesday, our team opened up a huge box of delicious home-baked goodies to share during our morning break and again all through the day. The kindness and generosity of so many people from all over reminds all of us here at Desert Haven that, when Darkness and Chaos sometimes seems to prevail in our world, there always seem to shine a few special stars who rekindle our Faith in Humanity.

Contact us at or 575-894-1694. Visit our web site at http://www.DesertHavenAnimalRefuge, and