Friday, November 25, 2016

Week of 10/31/16 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Eliana and a furry friends
Fall has finally arrived in our Desert Southwest and Desert Haven Animal Refuge is getting ready for Winter. This past Summer, Amin’s Furniture Store in TorC very generously donated a brand new roll of carpet to Desert Haven, to help keep our furry residents warm this winter. Sharon of Albuquerque and her father Bill also donated some large carpet pieces several months ago. All the carpet stored since this last Spring is now being put to good use both in Dog Town and the Cool Cat Neighborhood in anticipation of a colder-than-usual Winter this year. 
Jack, Kevin, Mike and Larry are keeping busy cutting-up the carpet to help keep the resident fur-boys and girls as comfy as possible this Winter. Much of the cement floor inside the Inn at Dog Town has now been carpeted.  Soon, our team will also have laid-out carpet inside each one of the igloos located in the Cat Walks, which are part of the all-fenced Cool Cat Neighborhood.  The igloos are without a doubt the felines’ favorite daybeds no matter what the season. It gives every member of our Desert Haven team a lot of pleasure to watch our little ones enjoy the coziness of their igloos as they do. Thanks to the generosity of our animal loving friends through the year, every individual Kitty Condo inside the Cat Patio and in the Feline Dorm now has its very own warm pillow.  What a treat for our kitties! 

Are you a dog aficionado? Do you have a couple of hours to donate every week? Why not spend them around dogs one morning or two a week? The canines of Desert Haven are walked every morning, between 8 and 11 AM.  Currently, Pat of Lake Valley, Christine of Elephant Butte and Keith of TorC are our dedicated – and appreciated - volunteer dog walkers. All our fur-boys and girls, especially the few new little ones who came to us recently from a deplorable hoarding situation and who are still extremely shy, benefit greatly from routinely spending individual quality time with a human companion. 

Interested in helping in some way? contact us at 575-894-2639, also at Chat with us at and  www.Facebook.DesertHaven. Visit our web site at Our mailing address: The Sierra County Humane Society & Desert Haven Animal Refuge, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.

Week of 10/23/16 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

 This week, the Sierra County Humane Society is sending a heartfelt thank-you to Guy & Michelle, owners of Black Dog Shredding, Inc. in Albuquerque. Guy and Michelle also call Elephant Butte their home. The philanthropic couple belongs to the Parrots Club of NM. Whenever one of the club’s charitable events is held at their E.B. home, Desert Haven is the recipient of their and their guests’ generosity. Again, thank-you from the bottom of our heart, Guy, Michelle and all your guests, for donating to our no-kill companion animal sanctuary as you have, again this year.  

Dixie, the young Airedale rescued at Desert Haven a few months ago, received a very important mid-morning visit this past Tuesday.  Lynn, Mark and their senior fur-boy Patches, had made the overnight trip from Phoenix Arizona to meet Dixie in person and as importantly, to introduce Patches to her for the first time. Mike & Lynn had seen Dixie on our Desert Haven Petfinder page and they trusted that the first meeting between Dixie and Patches would be positive enough that they could feel confident in bringing Dixie back home with them.  It didn’t happen that way and Dixie is still a Desert Haven resident, still on the Adoptable list on our Petfinder page, and still Gentle Ben’s playmate in the exercise yard they both share at Dog Town. 

Gentle Ben
Before leaving the sanctuary to return home to Phoenix, both Lynn and Mark made a point to share with our team how impressed they both were with the atmosphere of peace and kindness that they felt while at our sanctuary. They added that all the dogs there looked very healthy and that they were obviously happy in their surroundings. Lynn stressed that these observations had made a deep impression on her and her husband. To show their support of our efforts, the couple decided to sponsor both Dixie and her roommate Gentle Ben. This, they hoped, would make the adoption of either one easier for the right person.   Interested in learning more about our fur-boys and girls, including Dixie and Ben?  We can be reached at 575-894-1694, also at

Chat with us at and  www.Facebook.DesertHaven. Visit our web site at Our mailing address: The Sierra County Humane Society & Desert Haven Animal Refuge, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.

Week of 10/16/16 Humane Happenings

Lucy enjoying her bone
Everyone who is involved in his or her community in some way knows that there are weeks that seem to go faster than others. The feeling is real for many Doers and Shakers.  These past few weeks have seemed very short for some of the members of the team at Desert Haven and also at Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe, which are both owned and operated by the Sierra County Humane Society.

At Desert Haven, the no-kill domestic animal sanctuary that serves our area, the level of activity continues to be high.  Buster, Lilly, Molly, Gracie, also Terrence and, this past Tuesday, Peggie, the very young three-legged kitty and the sanctuary’s latest rescue, were all recently adopted locally. Dixie the Airedale was rescued earlier this year.  She is now the center of interest from an out-of-state couple who plans to make the trip all the way from their home in Phoenix AZ very soon,  to visit her and hopefully adopt her.  How exciting for all of us who rescue and care for all our little ones until we find the very best home for each one of them.  

Mike is from Colorado. He is Desert Haven’s newest work-camper. This past Tuesday, Mike, Kevin (also from Colorado) Jack (formerly a Colorado resident) and Larry, our organization Vice-President, worked together on our latest big project: adding some real estate to Scruffy and Lucy’s exercise yard.  It’s been a project that is taking longer than anticipated, but it is advancing steadily and soon will be completed. Scruffy and Lucy can’t wait, and neither can the rest of us!

This week’s kudos go to Jon, who lives in Virginia. Jon’s beloved fur-boy passed away recently. In his memory, Desert Haven received three large boxes full of milk bones containers for our Dog Town residents. Jon also send several warm doggie beds that were immediately put to good use in anticipation of the cold Winter nights. Jon is a Facebook friend of Desert Haven and we are very grateful for his on-going support.   
This week’s wish list: Canned dog & cat food.  Plastic and paper grocery bags.  If you can help in some way, contact us at 575-894-2639 or at

Chat with us at and  www.Facebook.DesertHaven. Visit our web site at Our mailing address is: Desert Haven Animal Refuge, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.

Week of 10/2/16 Humane Happenings

Donation from Tractor Supply
The Sierra County Humane Society is reminding local residents who need a financial boost in getting their companion animal sterilized that they can pick-up a SCHS spay-neuter application at the local Police Station. We offer rebates of $30 for male dogs or cats and $40 for females. Since our organization’s programs are entirely funded by private and local business contributions - and not by taxpayers money - also by fundraising activities generated by our small team of hard-working individuals, we trust that only local residents who truly need the financial boost will apply, as our animal welfare organization operates on a limited budget.

 We sincerely appreciate our members and supporters who donate to our cause to help the spay-neuter program specifically.  Since 1990, when the non-profit animal welfare organization started this much-needed program, the T or C Police Chief at the time welcomed the opportunity for the Police Department to be the official pick-up point for the SCHS Spay-Neuter application. Ever since 1990, the SCHS Spay-Neuter application has been made available at the Police Station.   

This week, we sincerely thank Jon of Virginia who very generously donated the funds to purchase a brand new refrigerator for the main building at Desert Haven. His donation was made in memory of 49 years old Lorena Nelson, who recently passed away at the prime of her life.  Lorena was a life-long member and active supporter of our organization for many years and it is very fitting, to those who knew her well, that she is being remembered at Desert Haven in this special way.   

A big thank-you is in order for Tractor Supplies Co. store that opened its door in TorC last year. This week, the store donated several large bags of high-quality dog food and enough bones (real bones, not rawhide) for all the furry residents in Dog Town to enjoy. Thank you, Anthony, for ensuring that the pet food & treats went to our organization and also for loading the heavy bags into the IM4pets Toyota truck.

This week’s wish list: milk bones - Canned dog & cat food.  Plastic grocery bags. We use them both at the sanctuary and Paws & Claws Thrift Shoppe.   If you can help, call us at 575-894-2639, e-mail us at Chat with us at and  www.Facebook.DesertHaven. Visit our web site at www.DesertHavenAnimalRefuge.comOur mailing address is: Desert Haven Animal Refuge, POB 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.