Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week of 12/5/15 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin
December is usually a very busy month of the year for the Sierra County Humane Society and already.  December 2015 is proving to be no different.

Our Second Annual Lights of Love celebration was held at Desert Haven Animal Refuge this past Tuesday. Central Bark - the main courtyard – is once again decorated with shining white and colored Christmas lights representing all the fur-boys and girls loved & remembered by our animal loving friends from all over - a colored light to honor a little one, a white light to remember one who has passed on. What a warm feeling we had as we watched all these little lights shining in the dark, knowing that that so many companion animals are being remembered and honored in this way.  

Gentle Ben has gone home with his new adoptive parents, Sue & Dan, and we are told that the fur-boy is adjusting well in his new, loving environment. Very lucky fur-boy indeed! Visit to find out more about Gentle Ben’s story, which touched the hearts of so many animal loving souls from all over the country.

The two smallest residents of Dog Town, Chihuahuas Penny & Violet, were discovered a few weeks apart two winters ago. Each one had been seen wandering for days along the country road near the very small community of Caballo. Both were emaciated, injured and extremely skittish by the time they were rescued at Desert Haven.  Small dogs are easy prey for the coyotes, bald eagles and horned owls especially, all known to inhabit that area of the Desert. Now, two years later, Penny & Violet are healthy and have both regained trust in humans. This past Tuesday, they were adopted by a family.  Their companion of several weeks, Matty the Lasho Apso, also a little rescue, was adopted with them by the same family. Hurray! 

 Marian & Bruce, you helped make this past Tuesday a special day for our Desert Haven team, when you so generously dropped-off pet food, treats, bird seeds, also brand new doggie and kitty beds there. 

To all our friends from all over, please remember the small army of little residents at our sanctuary. Please help us feed and care for them this Winter.  Contact us at or at 575-894-2639. Visit our web site at