Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week of 5/15/16 Humane Happenings

by Eliana Aubin
Missy, on her last day at Desert Haven before being adopted into her fur-ever home!
These are uplifting times for Sierra County residents who care about companion animals and their humane treatment. Those of us who started our animal welfare organization in the late 80’s remember how challenging it was to change the attitude that many local individuals had about companion animals.  Since then, our relentless efforts and dedication to the animal welfare cause ensured that compassion for companion animals, including those who are unwanted and abandoned, would strengthen and grow.  A couple of organizations intended to help animals in our area are currently getting off-the ground - a healthy sign that times have changed at last. The Facebook Page “Lost, Found and Rehoming ofAnimals in Sierra County” is a good example of this new, kinder mindset. Ellen, your hard work in starting and managing the Facebook page is immensely appreciated.    
Sierra County has indeed come a long way since the days when unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats were routinely gassed to death by the animal control officer inside a large steel box at the then-city shelter - an antiquated facility located at the local waste water plant.  Sadly, the mind-set of the City Leadership reflected the mind-set of many local folks in those days. It was a bold move at the time, to organize and build from the ground up an animal welfare organization strong enough to withstand the constant attempts to destroy it in launching personal attacks on its leaders. Until only a few years ago, we had to stand up against bigotry and small-minded ideas, also against the lack of willingness by some, including several prominent City and County leaders, to accept companion animals as sentient beings who felt emotions and pain and who deserved our compassion.  We didn’t give up – we made a difference in our corner of the world.   
The Sierra County Humane Society has been rightfully recognized over the years for organizing a successful animal welfare movement locally. In 1989, a small group of visionaries took on the challenge of carving a trail of compassion for those without a voice, by becoming their voice. And now, over twenty-seven years later, it is indeed refreshing to witness others who are following in our footsteps. Hurray for every new organization sincerely dedicated to the welfare of animals in Sierra County!
For more information on how to support the cause of companion animals in Sierra County, contact us at PO Box 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.
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