Saturday, May 12, 2007

Week of 5/13/07 Humane Happenings

Time for Donnie's walk

Many changes have happened lately at Dogtown, the Canine gated community at Desert Haven Animal Refuge, Sierra County’s No-Kill domestic animal sanctuary. Several long-time residents have now moved to their forever home, allowing others to be rescued.

A special thank-you goes to local volunteer Bootz who, for several years now, has shared Animal Care duties at DH, several times a week. Also, Bootz fostered Sassy in her home in Williamsburg while the cement work was being undertaken in Dog Town last Winter. The black lab mix rescued as a puppy four years ago adapted well to the home environment offered by Bootz and husband Jack. Recently, Sassy found her Pot o’ Gold and she is happy now, as the only companion animal of a wonderful human being who gives her all the attention she feels she deserves. With Sassy adopted, Mosey, the new kid on the block at Dogtown, is finally receiving what seems to be the very first chance at a normal life that she obviously had ever had. Mosey is a gentle female Ridgeback mix whose scarred and emaciated body could only begin to show a life of misery when she was rescued at DH. Still, her eyes reflected such trust that she melted the heart of everyone there as soon as she arrived. Already, Mosey looks and feels better and Dog Trainer Al Wilkinson is taking special care to insure that this precious creature is given the same opportunity as all the other canines of DH, to find her niche in a forever home.

With young Chowder and two years old Hammy also recently adopted out, fun-loving black schnauzer mix -Winston, spirited black & white young terrier mix - Suzy-Q and “Bengy” look-alike - Shaggy were taken in at DH. Shaggy made an impact at the Adopt-a-thon and is now adopted. The others are quickly assimilating to the Canine Gang: Lucky- Desert Haven’s mascot and Dogtown’s first resident, Vickie, “Queen of the Girls”, Marshall the loveable, Scotty the teenager, calm and collected Bud, shy little Bessie, Indy the acrobat, and Top-Dawg Maxwell. Also an integral part of Desert Haven, Hatch Flood rescues -Taco and Bell - who reside at the DH campground with their foster mom and two canine buddies their size. For more information on Desert Haven and our adoptable dogs and cats, contact us at 505-894-2778, or visit us at

CAN YOU HELP? Cooper, a feline rescued last year, is currently being fostered by Deb Peters, who currently resides at the RV Campground. Deb will be returning to New England for a few weeks this Summer and needs a temporary foster home for Cooper, who requires a special diet. If interested, call 505-894-1694.

Copper rolling in the sunshine

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