Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Volunteer Speaks

Contributed by ds....

We have three dogs adopted from Desert Haven. One we have had for over three years and two little sisters we adopted at different times. One over a year ago and the other just last year. Desert Haven has a great volunteer crew who all have the same interest... the well being and care for animals. Everytime we go to visit Desert Haven everything there is very clean and neat. The animals there are very well cared for by the volunteers who take very good care of the animals. Everyone who volunteers is an asset to Desert Haven. There is a lot of work involved in caring for the animals that unless you have been a volunteer there you don't realize it. But the work is well worth the feeling that you receive knowing that you have contributed to a great cause. When you are a volunteer at Desert Haven you are not treated as a volunteer, you are treated as part of a family. I know this from experience as I came to Desert Haven as a volunteer a few years ago and even now that I am not there I feel as though Desert Haven is still my family. It is a good feeling to return to Desert Haven for a visit and be welcomed with opened arms by the volunteers and by the animals there. Instead of getting a AKC pet, why not adopt a grown pet that needs your love and care just as much as a AKC pet? You won't regret it because I sure don't with the three dogs I have adopted from Desert Haven.

Thank you, ds, for all that you do for Desert Haven!

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