Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week of 2/26/12 Huamne Happenings

by Eliana Aubin

Kim and his new buddy

 Winter TorC resident Kim Nelson will soon return to his home in Minnesota. Kim visited DHAR for the first time last spring and it was a real pleasure to see him getting involved again this spring. He will be sorely missed by everyone including all the canines with whom he shared quality time almost every morning. Kim has been a huge help at the sanctuary, as he walked and exercised the residents of Dog Town. We trust that he will returns in a few months, perhaps this time as a permanent TorC resident.

 This week, we are appealing to our dog loving folks for their help in walking the sanctuary dogs once or twice a week, during AM or PM Animal Care. Pat Madden, a resident of Lake Valley, has been a dependable DHAR Dog walker for several years now. Two mornings a week, Pat drives all the way from the small community beyond Hillsboro to exercise the DHAR dogs for a couple of hours – a huge help for our volunteer team. Perhaps someone in the community could help out one of the mornings that Pat is not on the Dog Walking schedule. We also need help walking our DHAR dogs during PM Animal Care, which at this time of the year starts at 4:30PM. Interested? Let us know!

 Thank you, Geri Moore-Hajek, for your kind words shared on the Desert Haven Facebook page about our never-ending work to help animals in need. Interested in supporting our efforts through the internet? Click today and every day on the Animal Rescue Site http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com. which funds food for some of the 8 millions unwanted animals given to shelters and sanctuaries in the US every year. And choose The Sierra County Humane Society & Desert Haven as your cause of choice. Important: “Free to good home” pets are at risk - for being sold for medical experimentation and sometimes used for bait to train in dogfights right here in New Mexico. There have been reports of free cats and kittens being killed so their hides can be sold in this area. If you must advertise your unwanted dogs or cats, our organization encourages you to charge a small fee to prevent the mental attitude that “free pets” are of no value and to help drive such businesses out of our NM communities.

 This week’s Wish List: someone to sharpen all the veggie-cutting knives of DHAR. Patio blocks to get a priority project underway inside the Cool Cat Neighborhood. If unable to give a hand, perhaps you can donate material or funds to help with the project? Contact us at 575-894-2639 or 813-716-2033. Check us out at www.DesertHavenAnimalRefuge, also at www.Facebook.com/deserthaven. E-mail us at weR4pets@gmail.com.

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